Aashenayi – Musical Encounter with Ottoman Music

Aashenayi is a spellbinding musical Encounter with Ottoman Music during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, 1494 – 1566

Under the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman Empire was at its height: its army was feared throughout Europe, while the marvels of Istanbul resonated through the Western World. For Suleiman it also represented a vocation to bring together the cultures of East and West. First indifferent, the two worlds had become curious about one another, seduced, even fascinated and finally to some extent open for cultural exchange.

Aashenayi  means Meeting in Persian and reflects this cultural mixing. It invites the listener on a journey to the edge of ancient and traditional music. Echoes of Persia, Turkey and Spain blend with the music of singers and instrumentalists. Performers belong to the ensemble Canticum Novum and presents three singer and nine instrumentalists playing on traditional musical instruments

Canticum Novum was created by Emmanuel Bardon in 1996 in order to bring musicians together performing an early music repertoire. From 2002 intercultural connections in the Mediterranean region have been on the top of the list.


  • Aaashenayi - CoverComo Ponden – Cantiga 166 – Alfonso X el sabio (Spain),
  • Rast nakis beste – Dimitri Cantemir (Ottoman Empire),
  • Morenica – Romance Sephardic (Turkey),
  • Dar Damane Shara – Khaled Arman (Afghanistan),
  • Sareri Hovin mernem – Inspiration of Armenian tradition,
  • Der makam-i “Uzzal Sakil Turna” – Dimitri Cantemir (Ottoman Empire),
  • Yo Era Nina De Casa Alta – Romance Sephardim – Esmirna,
  • Nor tsaghik – Armenia XII century
  • Bugün benim efkârim var – Traditional Turkey
  • La Comida de la manana – Sephardic Romance (Turkey),
  • Khan Delawar Khan – Khaled Arman (Afghanistan),
  • Durme, hermoza donzella – Sephardic Romance (Balkans),
  • Saqi ba Khoda – Khaled Arman (Iran),
  • Sirto – Instrumental (Turkey),
  • Offondo do mar tan chao – Cantiga 383 (Spain)


3 singers and instrumentalists 9
Gülay Hacer Toruk Mashal Arman Emmanuel Bardon – Vocals, Shadi Fathi – Tar, Setar, Alyosha Regnard – N yckelharpa & Fidula, Emmanuelle Guigues – Kamensheh & Vièle, Aroussiak Guevorguian – Kanun, Isabelle Courroy – Flute Kaval, Gwenael Bihan – Flute beak, Philippe Roche – Oud, Henri-Charles Caget Ismail Mesbahi – Percussion


1 CD – 1h 15mn 39s
upc/ean. 3760135100439
ref. AMY043
Harmonia Mundi 2015





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