Reichenau 1300

Reichenau is the oldest abbey in present-day Germany. Founded 1300 years ago, it celebrates the anniversary with a major exhibition in Konstanz

New Research

Vikings at Avaldsness © Karmoy Kulturopplevelser

Historical Reenactment and the Viking Scene


The value of experimental archaeology is well-known. But what about reenactment? What kind of insights may be collected? New studies of the Viking Scene offer a better understanding Read more

Detail from Heroes Tapestry Metropolitan Julius Caesar

Lichen was one Source for Medieval Dyes


Some of the dyes used in the Heroes Tapestry in the Metropolitan from around 1400 have been identified as stemming from lichen.  Read more

Excavation works conducted by the Eötvös Loránd University at the Avar-period (6th-9th century AD) cemetery of Rákóczifalva, Hungary, in 2006. © Institute of Archaeological Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University Múzeum, Budapest, Hungary

The Avars were a Close-Knit Ethnic Group


The aDNA studies of the Avars, a Mongolian people who settled in the Carpathians in the 6th century, continue to yield new and fascinating insights into the formation of close-knit ethnic groups. Read more

Ice in Sea in front of Odessa © Igor semiuk/Dreamstime 52010917

Icebergs in the Black Sea in AD 763


In AD 763 volcanic eruptions in Iceland caused Icebergs in the Black Sea and a nearly frozen Bosphorus causing widespread fear Read more

Holy Roman Emperor Henry II and Cunigunde

Coronation of Konrad II © Kompetenzzentrum für Innovation in Studium und Lehre Mainz

The Coronation of Konrad II in Mainz and a Year of Celebrations


This year, the city of Bamberg commemorates the death of Henry II, while the city of Mainz focuses on the coronation of their Emperor Conrad II Read more

Holy reliquary of the imperial couple of Henry II and Cunigunde © Ansgar Hoffmann/Erzbischoefliches Dioezesanmuseum Paderborn/53b5ba18df

Daily Life at the Court of Cunigunde and Henry II in Bamberg


Bamberg will host an important exhibition in the autumn 2024 focusing on the daily life at the imperial court of Henry II and Cunigunde Read more

Detail from Star Mantel. Bamberg 1020 © Schousboe

New Books about the Imperial Clothes from c. 1020


Two new books explore in detail the precious and unique imperial garments preserved in Bamberg Cathedral’s treasury Read more

Bamberger Mantels in the Museum of the Diocese

Imperial Clothes from the eleventh century in Bamberg


The 11th century Imperial Robes in Bamberg are some of the oldest preserved royal garments. They form a unique ensemble from the 11th century. New research project aims to get a better understanding of their original design and outlook. Read more

Medieval Landscapes

White tailed eagle in The Oder Delta © Agdbeukhof/Dreamstime 167383594

Overwhelming Support for Rewilding and Release of Large Animals in the Oder Delta


Germans and Poles living in the Oder Delta strongly support rewilding and the introduction of large animals – including wolves and lynx, returning its landscape to its former medieval glory.  Read more

WEB Mystical forest in the Vosges ID 135207030 _ Alsace c Tanja Voigt _ Dreamstime

The Vosges in the Early Middle Ages, ca. 400 – 750


In the Early Middle Ages, the Vosges were regarded as a wilderness – by elites, poets and priests. However, the ideas about how to live in and utilise this wilderness were contested. Read more

Rewilding near lake Pape in Latvia. © Valeters Peins/

Rewilding is the Best Future for Europe’s Abandoned Farmland


What is best when considering Europe’s abandoned farmland? Should it be returned to more extensive – traditional and even Medieval – ways of sylvo-pastoral forms of cultivation? Or should it be rewilded with large grazers? Or left to its own devices? Read more

Giber River in a summer evening. By Janus la Cour 1892. Aarhus City Hall. Source: Wikipedia

What was the landscape like in Medieval Denmark?


New method overlaying old and modern maps reveals what the medieval landscape in Denmark might have looked like Read more

New Books about the Middle Ages

Detail from Star Mantel. Bamberg 1020 © Schousboe

New Books about the Imperial Clothes from c. 1020


Two new books explore in detail the precious and unique imperial garments preserved in Bamberg Cathedral’s treasury Read more

Head of a youngster or female from Manuscript in the Universitätsbibliothek Klagenfurt: Signatur PA 109

Millstatt Abbey and its Library


Millstatt was founded c 800 by the Duke of Carinthia, who built the first church after he allegedly destroyed one thousand pagan statues by throwing them into the lake. A later Abbey housed a significant collection of texts in high medieval German literature Read more

Mosaic Floor from St Laurence in Roskilde, Denmark © ROMU

Building Networks in Northern Europe


How did knowledge, ideas and building materials spread inside Medieval Europe in a world with both traditional geographies and shifting fashions? Read more

Four horsemen in the Apocalypse of St Sever Beatus. Source: Bnf/wikipdiea / open domain

Is the Environment a Weapon?


War belongs to a handful of crises such as environmental disasters, extreme climatic events, epidemies, and hunger. New book tells the story of the interplay … the obstacles that made me fail did not come from men; they all came from the elements. In the south, the sea has been… Read more


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