Ploughing at Lauresham © Claus Kropp

Ploughing at Lauresham


How did the Carolingians work their land? At an Open-Air Museum at Lorsch in Germany, a group of people have got together to construct an ancient plough and to experiment with early medieval farming practices Read more

Tools & Tillage Covers

Tools & Tillage Now Available


Ground-Breaking Journal on the history of the implements of cultivation and other agricultural processes, Tools & Tillage, made Open Access Read more

The Teuderigus Reliquary from St. Maurice d'Agaune, Schwitzerland

Art Crosses Early Medieval Borders in Schwitzerland


Art crosses borders. This is the case for the finished artworks as well as the artists, their techniques and know-how. As such artists and their works represent international or even globalised networks. New issue of Swiss Journal focus on the Early mIddle Ages Read more

Santa Maria del Cstell de Besora from the 12th century. Source: ICMA

ICMA NEWS Winter 2019


Three times a year, ICMA publishes a well-edited newsletter Read more

Anders Kvåle Rues presenting the Flateyjarbok in Reykjavik. Source: FB Sagabok

English Edition of the Flateyjarbok from 1387 on its Way


A translation and edition of the Flateyjarbok from 1387 was recently completed. An English translation is hopefully on the way. Read more

Histoire Dessinee de La France

History of Medieval France as Comics


“Histoire Dessinée de la France” is a series of comics written by professional historians and drawn the most talented artists. Three recent volumes tell the history of Medieval France Read more

Constructing the keel at The Comapny of Sutton Hoo Ship's headquarters

Reconstructing the Ship from Sutton Hoo


Fundraising has begun the first full-scale reconstruction of the ship from Sutton Hoo. Help finance the project estimated to £1 million by shopping for your Christmas gifts at the Company’s website. Read more

Urnes Church in Norway. Source: Wikipedia/Concierge2C

Norwegian Stave Churches older than expected


Norway is known for its 28 magnificent stave churches from the 12th – 13th century. New technique provides new and earlier dating of these precious medieval monuments Read more

New Books

Court of King's Bench

Law in Late Medieval England


How did common people engage with law in Late Medieval England? New book explores the legal culture of its time and how it touched upon the lives of common men and women. Read more

Otto the great Kissing the feet of Christ

Medieval Rules and Rituals


How was power exibited? And what role did rules, regulations and rituals play. Gert Althoff is known as one of the medieval historians, who has explored these questions in detail. New book provides translations into English of his more recent contributions.  Read more

ALFONSO X (1221-1284). King of Castile, Leon, and Galicia, 1252-1284.

Alfonso X – Justinian of His Age


Alfonso X is on of the great rulers of Medieval Iberia. Known for his collections of Marian Folk Songs, he was also responsible for numerous works of history, philosophy, science and the laws known as Siete Partidas. New book introduces this law code Read more


Northern Iberia 800-1000


Northern Iberia at the end of the first millenium is a fascinating subject. New book offers a study of the kind of society which inherited the Late Roman Past Read more

New Research

© Ulster Historical Park

The Black Death in Ireland


Already contemporaries noted how the Black Death hit the Anglo-Norman settlers in Ireland much harder than the Gaelic People. New research offers an explanation Read more

Volcano under the Ocean Source: Wikipedia

Undersea Volcanism may Explain Medieval Years of Darkness after AD 536


After AD 536 a mysterious dimming of the sun brought on global cooling, famines, and civil upheavals. Believed to have been caused by climate changes caused by volcanic forcing, new research indicate some of this was undersea volcanism Read more

Huerto from outside Valencia Source Wikipedia

Gardens in Early Medieval Iberia ca. 750–1000


In 1974 the historian Andrew Watson published an influential article in which he coined the phrase: The Arab Agricultural Revolution. How has this thesis fared? What do we know today about gardening in Early Medieval Iberia?
Read more

The Ilopango Volcano in San Salvador. Source: wikipedia

The Ilopango Volcano in El Salavador was responsible for the events in AD 539-40.


The climatic disruption in the 6thcentury was forced by a series of massive volcanic eruptions. Recently the Ilopango volcano was identified as responsible for the events AD 539-40. NEW RESEARCH: Radiocarbon and geologic evidence reveal Ilopango volcano as source of the colossal ‘mystery’ eruption of 539/40 CE Robert A.Dull, John… Read more

New Exhibitions

Detail from the Golden Antepedium from Basel © Historisches Museum Basel, Philipp Emmel

Gold and Glory in Basel


In 1019 the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry II, took part in the consecration of the Minster in Basel. A major exhibition marks the anniversary Read more

Detail of a hanging from Early Medieval Egypt

Furnishing Early Medieval Egypt


Vibrant colors and an array of textures enlivened the interior spaces of early medieval Egypt. Whether villas, palaces, churches mosques, people lived with woven tapestries on their walls, beds, and tables.  Read more

Detail of Tunic Sleeveband BZ.1953.2.40 Egypt, 4th–6th c. Tapestry weave in polychrome wool © Dumbarton Oaks

Fragments of Byzantine Fashion


How did the Byzantines dress? In a spectacular exhibition in Washington, visitors are invited to explore a selection of the garments preserved by Dumbarton Oaks. Read more

Winchester Cathedral. The Bones Caskets in their new surroundings © Winchester Cathedral

Kings and Scribes: The Birth of a Nation


May 2019, a long-awaited exhibition at Winchester Cathedral will tell the story of the birth of the English Nation. Read more