New Books

Chapelle de st Radegonde Chinon

The Chivalric Turn


The Chivalric Turn explores the shift at the end of the 12thcentury when the pursuit of knightly excellence and social eminence gave rise to a new code of conduct: chivalry Read more

St. George Slaying the dragon. In Storkyrkan in Stockholm. Souce: wikipedia

Companion to Chivalry


Unpacking chivalry is necessary for anyone trying to grasp the history of Europe 1000 – 1500. And to come to grips with many ways in which the Middle Ages return in the 21st century. New handbook offfer a solid introduction A Companion to Chivalry Edited by Robert W. Jones, Peter… Read more

Gruekloster Schleswig (The Grey Concent) Source: wikipedia

Abbeys and other Religious Institutions in Schleswig-Holstein


The Duchies of Schleswig-Holstein hold a long and fascinating story. Following the mission of Ansgar, hamburg spearheaded the christianisation of Scandinavia, thus making room for a multitude of religious institutions – abbeys, monasteries, convents and friaries Read more

Medieval Londoners. Collage of portraits from © British Library, Liber benefactorum of St Albans Abbey, MS. Cotton Nero D. VII

Medieval Londoners


Medieval Londoners is a generous gift. Not only to Caroline Barron, long-time emeritus professor of Medieval History at the occasion of her 80th birthday. But also to her numerous students teaching the history of London to new generations. In this spirit the book is offered as open-source. Medieval Londoners. Essays… Read more

New Research

Huerto from outside Valencia Source Wikipedia

Gardens in Early Medieval Iberia ca. 750–1000


In 1974 the historian Andrew Watson published an influential article in which he coined the phrase: The Arab Agricultural Revolution. How has this thesis fared? What do we know today about gardening in Early Medieval Iberia?
Read more

The Ilopango Volcano in San Salvador. Source: wikipedia

The Ilopango Volcano in El Salavador was responsible for the events in AD 539-40.


The climatic disruption in the 6thcentury was forced by a series of massive volcanic eruptions. Recently the Ilopango volcano was identified as responsible for the events AD 539-40. NEW RESEARCH: Radiocarbon and geologic evidence reveal Ilopango volcano as source of the colossal ‘mystery’ eruption of 539/40 CE Robert A.Dull, John… Read more

Fesonas and Cassiel the Baudrain Playing Chess. Jacques de Longuyon, Vows of the Peacock; Belgium, Tournai, ca. 1345-50. Pierpont Morgan Library, MS G.24, f. 25v (detail)

Tight Tunics and Ridiculous Hoods – Fashion in 1340


Suddenly, in the 1340s young Italian men began to wear cropped tunics, drooping hoods, and large purses hanging from elaborate metallic belts. This new silhouette was both mysterious and daring. Read more

Missal of Roselli. Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria Torino. Source: Wikipedia

Cardinal Roselli and his Missal – A Wonder in Gold and Vibrant Colours


The Missal of Roselli – Messale Roselli – was produced for Cardinal Nicolas Rosell in Avignon c. 1350. Now, in Torino, it represents one of the beautiful illuminated missals from the 14th century. Read more

New Exhibitions

Detail from the Golden Antepedium from Basel © Historisches Museum Basel, Philipp Emmel

Gold and Glory in Basel


In 1019 the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry II, took part in the consecration of the Minster in Basel. A major exhibition marks the anniversary Read more

Detail of a hanging from Early Medieval Egypt

Furnishing Early Medieval Egypt


Vibrant colors and an array of textures enlivened the interior spaces of early medieval Egypt. Whether villas, palaces, churches mosques, people lived with woven tapestries on their walls, beds, and tables.  Read more

Detail of Tunic Sleeveband BZ.1953.2.40 Egypt, 4th–6th c. Tapestry weave in polychrome wool © Dumbarton Oaks

Fragments of Byzantine Fashion


How did the Byzantines dress? In a spectacular exhibition in Washington, visitors are invited to explore a selection of the garments preserved by Dumbarton Oaks. Read more

Winchester Cathedral. The Bones Caskets in their new surroundings © Winchester Cathedral

Kings and Scribes: The Birth of a Nation


May 2019, a long-awaited exhibition at Winchester Cathedral will tell the story of the birth of the English Nation. Read more