Coronation of Konrad II © Kompetenzzentrum für Innovation in Studium und Lehre Mainz

The Coronation of Konrad II in Mainz and a Year of Celebrations

This year, the city of Bamberg commemorates the death of Henry II, while the city of Mainz focuses on the coronation of their Emperor Conrad II

Poster for the events planned for 2024 in Mainz commemorating the coronation of Conrad IIWhen Henry II died in 2024, a new emperor was elected in Mainz in the old Cathedral.

Mainz is home to a spectacular cathedral. However, the city also holds the remains of its old Minster, the St. Johannis. Archaeological excavations carried out in the last ten years have shown that this church functioned as the old minster until 1036. Thus, it was the setting for the coronations of both Henry II in 1002 and Conrad II in 2024. While Bamberg celebrates the death of “their” emperor, Mainz has taken the opportunity to celebrate Konrad, who grew up in the city and kept a lifelong interest in his hometown and region.

In 2020, the city of Mainz hosted a spectacular “Landesaustellung” titled “The Emperors and the foundations of their power” (Die Kaiser und die Säulen ihrer Macht). This year, the city foregoes a large exhibition, although a smaller ”installation” may be seen in the old St. Johannis “replaying” the coronation as part of an augmented reality event. This installation may be enjoyed until July.

The project has been carried out by students at the local highschool in Mainz studying architecture at the “Kompetenzzentrum für Innovation in Studium und Lehre” and under the direction of Susanne Maier Staufen.

The installation is accompanied  throughout 2024 by a number of other commemorative events.

Thus, a series of scholarly talks will be organised, focusing on the Byzantine idea of the empire, the king as God’s representative on earth, the archbishops and their role, the role of women, the architecture, the Cathedral, Conrad as a person and finally his royal insignia. This series of lectures will be held in the old St. Johannis.

In May, visitors can experience a musical performance of the “Mainzer Ordo” created in Mainz at the turn of the millennium, followed by concert in June and August featuring music as it played at the courts of Henry, Conrad and their consorts. The performing ensemble is the “Capella Antiqua Bambergensis”.

At any timevisitors to Mainz may enjoy the permanent medieval exhibition at the Landesmuseum showing – among other treasures – the fabulous “Eagle Brooch” believed to have belonged to Conrad’s Empress, Gisela.


Coronation of Konrad II © Kompetenzzentrum für Innovation in Studium und Lehre Mainz/ Uta Lungershausen


Die Krönung. 1000 Jahre Krönung Konrad II – The Coronation in the Old Minster


Cover Kaiser Saulen der machtDie Kaiser und die Säulen ihrer Macht. Von Karl dem Großen bis Friedrich Barbarossa. Das römisch-deutsche Kaisertum und sein Netzwerk aus Adel and Klerus
Katalog zur Landesausstellung in Mainz
Theiss 2020


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