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Sheep grazing in Iceland. © Pisit Rapuitpunt/Dreamstime 122080619

Viking Women Spinning the Yarn of History

In the Old Norse poem “Darraðarljoð” from Njál’s Saga we hear of the Valkyries—Óðin’s female warrior spirits—weaving the cloth of history and deciding the fates of men and nations. New book explores the very real and practical role of women played in the North Atlantic culture and economy 

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Moot hill at Scone in Scotland. Source: Wikipedia

The Royal Complex of Scone from the 10th century

Scone is best known for the Stone of Scone, also known as the Stone of Destiny or the Stone of Coronation. Less well known is that Scone was the primary ceremonial and legislative gathering place in Scotland. Recently, the results from extensive archaeological excavations were published.

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