Mail collar 15th century © Wallace collection

Arms and Armour from the Age of Agincourt

The Wallace Collection in London holds a very important number of late medieval weapons. As part of the commemoration of Agincourt 1415 an exhibition reveals its treasures.

Visored Bascinet c. 1390 -1410, Milano. © Wallace Collection
Visored Bascinet c. 1390 -1410, Milano. © Wallace Collection

The Battle of Agincourt (25 October 1415) is often remembered as a victory of English longbowmen over French knights, and has come to symbolise the victory of common people over aristocrats, of technological progress over conservatism, of modern military efficiency over out-moded tradition. In reality, what was one of the most famous battles of the Hundred Years War was ultimately won in a hard-fought hand-to-hand struggle between armoured knights on both sides, with the English archers joining the fray not with their bows but with hand-weapons.

This special display brings together original weapons and armour dating from the time of the battle, exhibiting them alongside other medieval pieces in the Wallace Collection and from the museum’s library and archive. The aim is to explore the real story of this fascinating but sobering moment in history. The exhibits also include rare books from the Wallace Collection archive, exploring the ways in which this historic event has been remembered over centuries.

The exhibition is accompanied by a number of videos in which the curator , Dr. Tobias Capwell, discusses the arms and armaments in detail. He is personally experienced in the noble art of medieval combat and a well-known champion.


The Sinews of War: Arms and Armour from the Age of Agincourt