The Teuderigus Reliquary from St. Maurice d'Agaune, Schwitzerland

Art Crosses Early Medieval Borders in Schwitzerland

Art crosses borders. This is the case for the finished artworks as well as the artists, their techniques and know-how. As such artists and their works represent international or even globalised networks. New issue of Swiss Journal focus on the Early mIddle Ages

K+A. Kunst + Architektur in der Schweiz CoverZeitschrift k + a
Kunst + Architektur in der Schweiz

The current globalized art market represents such a network that knows hardly any boundaries. But what was the situation a thousand or even fifteen hundred years ago? And more precisely: What was the exchange between stonemasons and the many other specialized artisans in the territorial area that we now call Switzerland in the early Middle Ages?

The current issue of the art magazine, Zeitschrift k + a, explores these questions in twelve essays and interviews. Focus is one the cultural and artistic exchange across the Alps, the Jura and the valleys of Switzerland

The articles are in German or French


  • Peoples and cultures in Early Medieval Switzerland
    By Martin Roch
  • Reuse or recycling? Focus on the early Middle Ages and the Teuderigus Reliquary from Maurice d’Agaune
    By Pierre Alain Mariaux
  • Venetian on the Reichenau? Early medieval building sculpture from St. Peter and Paul in Niederzell
    By Romina Schiavone
  • “Early Middle Ages”: an exhibition in Sion and Lausanne
    An interview with Lionel Pernet , director of the Cantonal Museum of Archeology and History in Lausanne, and Patrick Elsig , director of the History Museum in Sion. Focus:
  • The gifts of Emperor Heinrich II in the exhibition «GOLD & RUHM»
    by Sabine Söll-Tauchert
  • Glass beads from southern India or Sri Lanka on the shores of Lake Geneva
    By Chantal Martin Pruvot and Bernard Gratuze
  • Episcopal churches in Geneva, Martigny, Avenches and Lausanne
    By Guido Faccani and Mathias Glaus
  • Painters between walls and parchment at St. Gallen and Reichenau
    By Sabine Utz
  • Late Carolingian and Ottonian ivory carvings in Lake Constance
    By Francesca Pistone
  • … seen in a different light …
    New insights into the Carolingian wall painting of the St Johann Abbey church in Müstair
    By Michael Wolf
  • A unique early medieval memory
    A conversation with archivist Peter Erhart about early medieval living environments, the St. Gallen monastery map and the digital life of the archive in the present.