The Ulfbehrt sword found in the Weser
The Ulfbehrt sword found in the Weser

Being Medieval and the Human Experience


Being Medieval: Archaeology, Society and the Human Experience

Being Medieval SMA conference posterThe Society for Medieval Archaeology’s 2015 conference will consider the experience of the Middle Ages – The focus is on what the material, biological or built remains can tell us from a social perspective. Speakers will address the issues of recognizing the experiential, the nature of society, inclusion, exclusion and transformation. They will explore what archaeology can tell us about economic or social changes, difference, life experience, expectation, life course or desires and disability.

Proposals for papers should be sent to Dr Duncan Sayer at ( and will take the form of a hundred-word summary that, if accepted, may be used in the conference programme. If you have any questions please contact Liz Roberts at – for academic queries contact Duncan Sayer at

The closing date for the receipt of proposals is Monday 3rd July 2015.


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