14th century students
14th century students

Call for Papers

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The Postmedieval Life of Medieval Artefacts – La vie postmédiévale des artefacts médiévaux
To be published in: Perspectives médiévales Vol 41. Revue d’épistémologie des langues et littératures du Moyen Âge

How can we describe, analyze and understand the reception and the modern use of objects made during the Middle Ages? Adopting an epistemological approach to Material Studies, the next issue of Perspectives médiévales will be devoted to medieval material culture, for example, but not limited to, manuscripts and printed books, sacred and secular objects, garments and gear, buildings and frescoes, machines, instruments and tools, etc. Articles may examine circulation, transmission (gift, trade, legacy, displacement by war, theft, etc.), as well as status and valuation (objects valued as priceless or worthless, or considered in a cultural, intellectual or technical perspective).

Article projects (one page in length, including a bibliography) should be sent jointly to Véronique Dominguez-Guillaume (veronique.dominguez@u-picardie.fr) and Sébastien Douchet (sebastien.douchet@gmail.com)