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Constance of Sicily is handing over her son. Source: Bern, Burgerbibliothek, Cod. 120.II. Ca. 1195 – ca. 1197 Petrus de Ebulo: Liber ad honorem Augusti, lat.

Widows of Kings in the High Middle Ages

What happened to queens, when their husbands, the kings, died? Was the widows of kings still regarded as queens? How did they proceed to preserve their status and political role? New book explores the phenomena of “royal widowhood” in the English as well as German High Middle Ages

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The "Heinrich-Brunnen" in Quedlingburg is a modern rendition from 2007 of the scene of the coronation of Henry I. Source: wikipedia

The Construction of Ottonian Kingship

How did Henry the Fowler and his son, Otto the Great, turn Germany into the political centre of 10th century Europe? By besting the Magyars? Or by more traditional mythmaking? New book explores the various sources and their role in the later historiography.  

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Capricorn - Liturgical calendar for Ravenna, Italy, Milan (?), 1386

The Medieval Calendar in Books of Hours

For people in the Middle Ages keeping track of time was all important. Early on, the Church set up itself as the timekeeper par excellence. But how did clerics keep the time? New book introduces the student to the intricacies of medieval timekeeping.

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