Christoph of Württemberg 1515 - 1568

Christoph of Württemberg 1515 – 1568

Christoph – a Renaissance Prince from the Reformation is at the centre of an exhibition in Stuttgart 2015

Christoph of Württemberg by Abraham Hell
Christoph of Württemberg by Abraham Hell
Source: Wikipedia

Christoph of Württemberg (1515 – 1568) ruled as duke of Württemberg from 1550 and until his death. Just after his birth his father was expelled from his dukedom, and Christoph grew up at the court of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I in Insbruck; later he travelled through Europe in the entourage of his grandson Charles V.

In 1535 his father regained Württemberg. Around the same time Christoph converted to Protestantism. Accordingly he was obliged to pay a hefty sum to the emperor Ferdinand I 1550. Under his reign the entire administration of both church and state was undertaken. At the same time he rebuilt the old castle in Stuttgart, which is currently being used as the regional museum.

2015 it is 500 years since Christoph was born and a special exhibition will open in October 2015 in the castle he turned into a magnificent renaissance edifice.

The exhibition is under the patronage of Winfried Kretschmann, state premier of Baden-Württemberg, and Dr. hc Frank Otfried July, Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Württemberg.


Christoph 1515 – 1568. A renaissance Prince in the Age of Reformation
Stuttgart, 24.10.2015 – 04.03.2016

Luther and the Princes
Torgau 15.05.2015 – 31.05.2015





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