Networks and Churchreform in the 11th century- cover © Thorbeck Verlag

Communication and Church Reform in the 11th century

How do you go about communicating the intent to reform a church organisation reaching from Iceland to Sicily in the 11th century? And with it the wider society? This fundamental question has been explored by Arian Lorke in a new book


Kommunikation Uber Kirchenreform Im 11. Jahrhundert (1030-1064): Themen, Personen, Strukturen 
by Ariane Lorke
Jan Thorbecke Verlag 2018
ISBN-10: 3799543759
ISBN-13: 978-3799543750

The 11th century is regarded as an important turning point in the Middle Ages. In short: the balance between the royal powers and the spiritual counterpoint, the church shifted. Known as the “Investiture Controversy”, the wider fundmental shifts involved in these violent events are not very well known. This new book tells the story of how the church reforms worked as communicative tools and how the leading figures exploted a vast network. The aim of the author is to present the numerous actors, themes and structures, which characterised the events as they unfolded.

About the Author

Dr. Ariane Lorke  studied Medieval and Early Modern History as well ad German Literature at Jena and Chambéry in france. She also has a degree in Cultural Management from Ludwigsburg. In 2016 she defended her thesis on Communication and Church Reform in the 11th century at Magdeburg. The present book is a publication based on this doctoral thesis. Since 2015 she has worked is head of the Business part of the Walter Benjamin College at the University in Bern.