Tre riches heures de metz ms 1588
Tres Riches Heures de metz ms 1588

Gracious Times by Jehan de Lescurel

Syntagma recently published a media book on the work of Jean de Lescurel

The well-known group “Syntagma” recently published a media book with essays on Jehan de Lescurel, his poetry and his time (early 14th century). The publication contains 70 min. with recording of his music (in French and English; poetical texts in old and contemporary French, English and German. Illustrations from the Ms 1588 with the courtesy of the Bibliothèques-Médiathèque de Metz.)

Jehan de Lescurel

Nothing is known of his life other than that he was the son of a merchant in Paris, and he probably received his musical training at the Notre Dame cathedral. He was a transitional figure from the trouvère period to the ars nova. His lyrical style unites him with the composers of the later period, and they clearly thought highly enough of him to include his music in the same manuscript which preserves the Roman de Fauvel.

Most of his works are monophonic songs, in the style of the trouvères; only one of his 34 works was polyphonic, although he wrote other works which have not survived. The songs are virelais (five), ballades (fifteen), rondeaux (twelve)  and two dits entés; they include word painting more in the style of the later 14th-century composers and are simple and charming. Debauchery is not a prominent theme and his poems are much less didactic than that of earlier composers in the trouvères tradition.

Songé .I. Songe
Jehan de Lescurel. Chansons & Dit Enté “Gracïeus temps”
Total playing time: 70’26,
livre illustré: 160 pages – Fr, Engl,poetical texts also in German
By Syntagma under the direction of Alexandre Danilevski
FacSimile-Records 2015
EAN 3003651420002