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Exhibition at Lorsch Abbey

Exhibition at Lorsch tells the story of Lorsch Abbey from the beginnings around 660 AD and up until now

Lorsch Gatehouse. Source Wikipedia/Ishafe
Lorsch Gatehouse. Source Wikipedia/Ishafe

In 2011 Lorsch Abbey celebrated its 20th anniversary of its World Heritage Status. In connection with this an exhibition was curated, telling the full story from its modest beginnings in the 8th century, its full blossoming as a magnificent Carolingian Abbey and until its current status as a piece of World Heritage.

Central is the three-arched gateway, the so-called “Torhalle or King’s Hall”, with its sophisticated pattern-work masonry. From the gateway visitors used to enter a large open court, which led on to a Carolingian church. The gateway, which had the form of a hall, used to function as a processional station as well as a proper place for receiving dignitaries, hence its other name: Königshalle. Later it was transformed into a chapel but kept its function as a meeting place.

As it stands today, it is but a fragment of the former Abbey. Further it is currently undergoing a series of renovation. The plan is to establish a walkway between the Gatehouse and the former “Kloster Altenmünster”. In between the idea is to build a full-scale Carolingian Manor – the so-called “Herrenhof Lauresham”. This open-air museum is going to invite visitors to experience life around 800 AD. The budget is around €12 mill.

To compensate for the mess right now, the local museum is currently housing an exhibition showcasing the many archaeological finds from around Lorsch, amongst those some of the famous fragments of stained glass, which were found during excavations in the monastery in 1934.

The exhibition is accompanied by a heavily illustrated and well-researched Catalogue and in the German tradition with full 520 pages.


Kloster Lorsch. Vom Reichskloster Karls des Großen zum Weltkulturerbe der Menschheit
28.05.2011 – 29.01.2012 – Extended to 30.09.2012


cover kloster lorschKloster Lorsch: Vom Reichskloster Karls des Großen zum Weltkulturerbe der Menschheit.
Hessische Museum Darmstadt.
Imhof, Petersberg 2011