Belial, Jakob von Theramo Umgebung Speyer 1461 © Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Minor Medieval News – August 2016

Minor Medieval News – August 2016

Each month we stumble over news which might interest – upcoming exhibitions, new blogs, new resources. Don’t miss the updated list…

Articles on Vikings for Free

Archaeology_banners_Vikings RoutledgeDue to the recent fascination with Scandinavian culture and history, Vikings are once again emerging as a popular theme both in popular culture and in archaeological research. Routledge’s “Themes in Archaeology collection” now offers a number of new articles on the Vikings for FREE until 30th April 2017. Explore…

Medieval Books form the University of Toronto Press

Catalgue for Toronto University Press 2016With 62 pages packed with recent and new publications, the University of Toronto Press presents their catalogue for 2016: Classics, Medieval & Renaissance Books. The Toronto Press is especially strong on literature, Early Modern Spain and Renaissance Italy. Enjoy…




New Series in Environmental Humanities

Murrain. From: Golden Haggadah. Biblical scenes based on Genesis, 19-37. Northern Spain, probably Barcelona, c.1320 British Library Add. MS. 27210A new series in environmental humanities, published by Amsterdam University Press, offers approaches to pre-industrial cultures from interdisciplinary environmental perspectives. Submissions (both monographs and edited collections) are invited in the fields of ecocriticism, specifically new ecocritical analyses of under-represented literatures, ecofeminism, and post-humanism; waste studies; environmental history; environmental archaeology; animal studies and zooarchaeology; landscape studies; ‘blue humanities’, and studies of environmental / natural disasters and change and their effects on pre-modern cultures. Keywords: Environmental humanities, ecocriticism, ecology, ecotheory, dwelling, object-oriented ontology / thing theory, environmental history, landscape, green studies, blue humanities, waste studies, interdisciplinarity

Scholars at any stage of their careers to share their book proposals and draft manuscripts with us. Publications that make connections between environmental issues in pre-industrial cultures and current issues in sustainability, environmental policy, climate change, and human-nature interactions are especially welcome. Proposals for monographs or edited volumes should kindly follow the standard AUP proposal format (find our form here) and should also include the envisaged table of contents or overview of the volume and abstracts of the proposed chapters or articles. For more information or to propose a volume, please contact acquisitions editors Ilse Schweitzer VanDonkelaar or Erika Gaffney

Incredible Florence

incredible florenceIf you are a fan of getting history served by Italian digital artists a venue in Florence has opened up for a 3D Multimedia experience featuring film, collages and postmodern rewriting of music (with no Italian pedigree). For anyone tired of queuing in front of the museums the possibility is now here in the unparalleled setting of Santo Stefano al Ponte, near  Ponte Vecchio, to experience what is characterised as both show and exhibition. With 24 laser projectors transmitting over 40 million pixels onto the 11 giant screens, you will be able to enjoy a resolution 6 times greater than Full HD….

Erdogan visits the presumed tomb of Suleiman the Magnificent in September

Erdogan posing as Suleiman on the cover of the EconomistIn December 2015 the remains of the tomb of the Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, who died in 1566 while his troops were besieging the fortress of Szigetvar in southern Hungary, were claimed to have been found. Come September, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – who has been dubbed a “neo-Ottoman” due to his reverence for the nation’s imperial past and desire to extend its geopolitical influence – plans to attend a commemoration in Szigetvar on September 7. He will join Hungarian and Croatian leaders – the Habsburg forces who defended Szigetvar to the end were mostly Croats – for the climax of the 450th-anniversary


Former Bede’s World museum to reopen as Jarrow Hal

Dexter Cattle at Bede's WorldThe new operators of Bede’s World, which closed due to a cash crisis, have announced it will reopen with a new name in October.
Bede’s World – dedicated to the saint and scholar – shut in February, with trustees blaming government cuts.The museum, which employed 27 people, will now be run by charity Groundwork South Tyneside and Newcastle. It said it would reopen in October as Jarrow Hall – Anglo Saxon Farm, Village and Bede Museum. Focus will shift from Bede to a more bland offering of “special themed events, an educational programme for schools, heritage skills workshops, space for businesses and events space.”

Gender and Medieval Studies

Armed hybrid’. BL, MS Harley 5648, f.13vThe Gender & Medieval Studies (GMS) Group is a UK-based organization devoted solely to putting together an annual interdisciplinary conference, which furthers the study of medieval gender. The conference is an annual peripatetic event that has been running since at least the late 1980s (oral history suggests that it was running in 1987 at the latest) and traditionally takes place in early January. New website welcomes new fans – postgraduate students as established scholars – and includes a blog with news from the world of medieval genders


Digital Humanities Prize offered by the Medieval Academy of America

Digitized Greek manuscript from the bodleyanWe are very pleased to announce that, beginning in 2017, the Medieval Academy of America will add a Digital Humanities Prize to its suite of publication honors, to be awarded alongside the Haskins Medal, the Brown Prize, and the Elliott Prize. The annual Medieval Academy of America Digital Humanities Prize will be awarded to an outstanding digital research project in Medieval Studies created and launched within the last five years. The Prize – an award of $1,000 – will be presented at the Medieval Academy of America’s Annual Meeting. Click here to get more information about the Digital Humanities Prize… Interested medievalists may get inspiration from a recent review by Stephen P. MacCormick:  A Guide to Digital Medieval Studies in North America

Merovingians in Saint-Dizier

poster for merovingian exhibition in st dizierFrom the September an exhibition celebrating Austrasie, the ancient Merovingian kingdom – Austrasie le royaume mérovingien oublié – is organised in Saint-Dizier. Even though the exhibition is set up at the same time as the large French exhibition on the Time of the Merovingians in Paris, it appears a number of important pieces are on loan from both Cologne and Metz…


Blog on Medieval Text Manuscripts

Les EnluminuresLes Enluminures has announceda new Blog on Medieval Text Manuscripts. The company is known for its complete scholarly descriptions of all the manuscripts on our text manuscripts site, but often there is more to say; the new blog presents this opportunity. .  We explore what these books can tell us about who made them and used them.  We delve into their fascinating and unusual contents.  Some of our discoveries are quite significant, some merely amusing, and some bizarre.  Authors of the blogs include Emily Runde, Laura Light, Sandra Hindman, and Christopher de Hamel….

What is New in the Middle Ages?

Poster - Quoi de neuf au Moyen AgeIn October an exhibition – Quoi de neuf au Moyen Âge ?  – is organised in Paris by INRAP.  It will present an overview of the latest archaeological finds from France, covering the period from AD 500 – 1500. Don’t forget to note it in your calendar as you are probably going to Paris anyway to see the upcoming exhibition on the Merovingians at Musee de Cluny

French Podcasts about the Middle Ages

La nelle fabrique de l'histoireThe Middle Ages podcasts from France Culture 2015 presented as a collection at – the site where Belgian Medievalists orient themselves as to what is new

Listen and enjoy presentations of some of the great French-speaking medievalists like Jean-Claude Schmitt, Christian Klapisch-Zuber and others. Each podcast is accompanied with links to the relevant publications…

Open Treasure at Durham Cathedral

Open Treasure exhibition at DurhamDurham Cathedral recently opened its doors to a new first class exhibition experience. Open Treasure gives visitors access to previously hidden spaces within the Cathedral’s magnificent Claustral buildings, showcasing the Cathedral’s collections so that they can be discovered and enjoyed by many more people of all ages. The journey begins in the Monks’ Dormitory and continues through a new state-of-the-art Collections Gallery into the Great Kitchen, before visitors return to the Cloister via the Pilgrimage and Community Galleries in the Covey. These new exhibition spaces allow the Cathedral to display treasures from its internationally important collection with a dynamic rolling exhibition programme. The first display in the new Collections Gallery reflects the work and achievements behind-the-scenes to create Open Treasure. The display highlights the work completed by our stonemasons, joiners, and archaeologist, the conservation work carried out on the historic spaces, and some of the amazing archaeological finds along the way. Come November, a special exhibition will focus on the exquisite textiles within the collections of the Cathedral..

Opening up the Cathedral de Santiago

Part of the Cloisters at Colegiata de Sar in Santiago de CompostelaUnder the brand, “Compostela Sacra”, the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela plans to open up the wider city for a “packaged” tour combining cultural historical and religious experiences. First element is the re-opening of the Colegiata de Sar, a Romanesque church with cloisters and a museum on the south eastern outskirts of the city next to the river Sar. Built in the 12th century, the church has a basilical structure with three naves. The workshop of Mateo, responsible for the Pórtico de la Gloria, is believed to have been responsible for some of the work in the cloisters. An adjacent museum has been incorporated in the Museum of the Cathedral and totally revamped…

Bilderwelten – Buchmalerei zwischen Mittelalter und Neuzeit

Bayerisches Staats Bibliothek: Poster Jakob von Theramo- Belia 1461 Cgm 48This autumn Bayerisches Staats Bibliothek exhibits a large collection of magnificent “luxury books”. It follows  up on the “eternal and earthly” exhibition showing magnificent colorful tournament books, intimate devotional books, lavishly illustrated law books and chronicles. The third part is dedicated to the dawn of the modern age, and will be mpunted in 2017 on the occasion of the 500 year Reformation Jubilee 2017. Theme: the Bible from Charlemagne to Martin Luther. Interactive catalogues are made available….



Belial, Jakob von Theramo. Umgebung Speyer 1461 © Bayerische Staatsbibliothek