Melhus relikvieskrin. Source: flickr

New Issue of Medieval Archaeology August 2018

Last year the Society for Medieval Archaeology decided to publish two issues per year of the journal Medieval Archaeology. The issue from June 2018 cover a wide variety of themes and subjects offering a handful of new and inspiring articles as well as a series of book reviews

List of contents:

Dressed for Ritual, Dressed for Life. A Migration-Period Grave from Sande in Norway
Marianne Vedeler, Elna Siv Kristoffersen & Ingunn Marit Røstad
Pages: 1-27

The Eslington Sword and the Kingdom of Northumbria
Rob Collins & Sam Turner
Pages: 28-52

An Insular Reliquary from Melhus: The Significance of Insular Ecclesiastical Material in Early Viking-Age Norway
Aina Heen-Pettersen & Griffin Murray
Pages: 53-82

Pebbles and Peregrinatio: The Taskscape of Medieval Devotion on Inishark Island, Ireland
Ryan Lash
Pages: 83-104

The Archaeology of the Military Orders: The Material Culture of Holy War
Aleks Pluskowski
Pages: 105-134

Medieval Timber Motte Towers
William Wyeth
Pages: 135-156

Archaeological Excavations of the Medieval Royal Kincardine Landscape, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 
Kevin Malloy & Derek Hall
Pages: 157-176