Lateran Council 1215

New Issue of Speculum 2018

Recent issues of Speculum shows that literature departments currently have the upper hand regarding the content of this journal. Out of 18 articles published this year, only two falls into the categery, history proper.

Speculum cover July 2018The Medieval Academy of America was founded as an interdisciplinary association including members from language, literature, history and philosophy. In practice it works a seesaw where literature-based medievalists compete with medieval historians.

Currently, it is obvious the medievalists working inside medieval literature studies have the upper hand. Of 18 articles published in vol. 93 of Speculum this year (2018), only two may be classified as representing medieval history, two have an art historical focus, and the rest concerns literature and texts.

Speculum. The journal of the Medieval Academy of America
Editor: Sarah Spence
Volume 93, Number 3,  July 2018


Rethinking the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215
Jeffrey M. Wayno
pp. 611–637

“All the Way to the British Isles”: Ayyūbid-English Diplomatic Networks in an Early Thirteenth-Century Exchange
Ilan Shoval
pp. 638–668

Lydgate’s Virtual Coteries: Chaucer’s Family and Gower’s Pacifism in the Fifteenth Century
R. D. Perry
pp. 669–698

Augustine on Lying
Erika T. Hermanowicz
pp. 699–727

Hildesheim Avant-Garde: Bronze, Columns, and Colonialism
Ittai Weinryb
pp. 728–782



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