Old Uppsala reconstructed for VR recorder

Old Uppsala Visualized

Now gone, the plain surrounding Old Uppsala c. AD 650 was not only marked by the burial mounds but also dotted with halls, an impressive parkway and a surrounding marketplace. New Virtual Reality reconstruction lets visitors walk the landscape

Exploring Old Uppsala via Virtual Reality
Exploring Old Uppsala via Virtual Reality © Uppsala Museum/ Disir Production

In its heyday, Old Uppsala was a prominent royal centre with impressive mounds, a grand hall covering more than 600 m2, an impressive two km long passage bordered by posts and a nearby marketplace. A visit to Old Uppsala is a must for anyone interested in the early Scandinavian world of Beowulf. With the mounds and the later church, the sacral landscape witness to a shifting settlement stretching through millennia. The museum offers a fine introduction as well as an exhibition of the outstanding finds from the archaeological excavations, which have been carried out since the end of the 18thcentury.

Recently, the Museum in Old Uppsala launched a gadget, which brings the visitor closer to experience the site around AD 650. The new VR-gadget allows for the visitor to kindle a fire, greet the sword maiden, pick up artefacts and in general interact with the world as it once was.

The new VR tour is an extension of an app, which was launched in 2016 and which allows for a virtual visit on your IOS device (Ipad or iPhone). The new gadget, however, allows for a better immersion for people who are not able to visit the site or wish for a real time-travel experience.

The VR-gadget is developed by John Ljungquist, assistant Professor at Uppsala University, co-founder of Disir Production.

Another project offers the possibility of visiting Uppsala Cathedral in AD 1509.