Borghorster reliquary Cross - detail.© Borghorst Church

Priceless Borghorster Reliquary Cross is Back

Stolen in 2013 from a local church in Borghorst, the invaluable reliquary cross from c. 1050 is back in the hands of the Diocese of Münster


Borghorster Reliquary Cross © Münster Diocese
Borghorster Reliquary Cross © Münster Diocese

In 2013 a group of three men succeeded in breaking and entering the small village church in Borghorst, stealing the priceless Borghorster Cross from its protected showcase. Later, in 2015 three men were taken into custody and sentenced to four to five years in prison. However, the location of the cross eluded the police.

From the trial it became known that the thieves had originally just planned to melt the gold in. Soon after the successful heist, they became aware of the artistic and historical value and decided to sell it. However, the present whereabouts were unknown to them. Nevertheless, following the directions of the thieves, the police recently got wind of a fourth accomplice. He claimed, though, that his role had only been to direct his friends towards a potential buyer. Following this lead, the police were able to locate the cross. Finally, a few days ago, the cross was returned to the diocese of Münster.

So far no information is available about the end-purveyor of the reliquary cross. If he or she is a collector, one must hope that other stolen contrabande will come to light.

The Diocese informs that as far as can be seen, the cross is intact and has not suffered any harm. Only the foot of glass has disappeared.


 Borghorster Stiftskreuz ist wieder da. WDR 17.02.2017







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