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The Search for King Richard III ends

In ten days the on-going search for King Richard III will end. At a press conference in Leicester on Monday February 4th 2013 at 10am the first results of the scientific investigations of the skeleton found at Grey Friars in August 2012 will be presented.

The University of Leicester has been leading the search for King Richard III, in association with Leicester City Council and the Richard III Society.  At a press conference in September, the University announced that it had found human remains with evidence of what was believed to be scoliosis and battle trauma. The University said that these remains, found at the Church of the Grey Friars, would need to be subject to rigorous scientific analysis in order to confirm their identity.

Since that discovery, University experts have subjected the remains to a series of tests to determine the identity of the skeleton. The University has been analysing results of these tests and will announce the conclusions of its investigations at a press conference. Richard Taylor, of the University of Leicester, said: “There is a huge anticipation and excitement about the University’s announcement. The University of Leicester is poised to unlock a 500-year-old mystery by announcing the outcome of our search for King Richard III. The Search has caught the world’s imagination and has featured in media across the globe and has been the focus of intense speculation. Over the past five months, since we announced the discovery, our experts from a range of departments have subjected the human remains found at Grey Friars to rigorous examination.Key tests are due in over the next few weeks. Whatever the outcome of our analysis, this project has been tremendously exciting and one that has been very much in the public eye, helping to demonstrate the importance of University research to the wider world.”

The Leicester Press Conference will be held in the Council Chamber of the Fielding Johnson Building and start at 10am and end at approximately 11am.  Access will be available from 6.30am through the main front door.

It will consist of a series of presentations by experts from the University of Leicester who have been conducting scientific tests on the Grey Friars skeleton. At the end of the presentations from the experts, the University of Leicester will announce its conclusion based on the archaeological and scientific evidence.

This will be followed by reactions from the University’s partners in the project: The Richard III Society and Leicester City Council

Due to the enormous interest only representatives from the Press have access. However, in September the initial press conference was broadcasted and the same will surely happen here.

Interested may read about the upcoming press conference here

Read also about the preliminary presentation of the archaeological findings at the September Press Conference

A Twitter feed from the press conference will be made available: @uniofleicester



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