The Mass of Saint Giles Artist: Master of Saint Giles Date made: about 1500 Source: The National Gallery, London

The Secret and the Hidden in the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages secrets were difficult to have and to hold. Hence they were heavily girded and protected. How, why and by whom are questions raised at the International symposium organized by the German Medieval Society 2017

Secret and Hidden in the Middle Ages
Call for Papers for the 17th Symposium of Mediävistenverbandes
University of Bonn, 19th-22nd March 2017

The secret is where society and culture ends. To experience something as secret is to be left out and left behind. As such, secrets are as constitutive of culture as are spiritual, social and physical boundaries, experienced by us.

2017 the 17th symposium organised by the German Medieval Society (Mediävistenverband) will focus on this thematic field, calling for papers on veils (and veiling), doors (and opening and closing), treasuries and treasures, as well as books. But also secret groups, hidden mysteries and arcane rituals have their place.

The papers should refer to three thematic strands:

  1. Limits, paths and thresholds.
  2. Elites and their handling of the secret and the hidden.
  3. The public and the private – confessions, shame, autobiographies, letters, orality and literacy

The organisers call for papers as well as suggestions for sessions and workshops focusing on the Middle Ages in both a European and non-European context.

Full CfP in German


Prof. Dr. Stephan Conermann
Annemarie Schimmel-Kolleg. “Geschichte und Gesellschaft der Mamlukenzeit, 1250-1517“
Heussallee 18–24
53113 Bonn

Email-contact: Dr. Claudia El Hawary



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