Viking treasure from Hiddensee. Source: Wikipedia

Viking Thieves – Once Again

Once again thieves went for precious Viking Jewels at a major exhibition centre. This time in Denmark

Viking pendents found in the harbour at Haithabu
Viking pendents found in the harbour at Haithabu. Source; Wikipedia

A couple of weeks ago thieves entered the University Museum in Bergen and stole more than 400 precious pieves of Viking Jewellery and metal objects. Yesterday, a group of dedicated thieves tried to get away with some of the precious objects currently on loan from Haithabu in Germany to The National Castle centre in Vordingborg.

Apparently the thieves went straight for a specific showcase at the museum, currently exhibiting a copy of the famous treasure from Hiddensee and the remarkable matrixes or molds, which were found in the harbour in Haithabu more than 75 years later. These relate to the pendents found at Hiddensee. The necklace itself is exhibited in Stralssund and the stolen piece was just a copy. The matrixes, however, were the real thing on loan from Haithabu. The Museum in Haithabu is currently closed while being renovated and some of their absolute treasures have meanwhile been on loan to Vordingborg; among these the unique molds.

Luckily, though, the alarm went off in time for the theft to be discovered. The men then tried to flee south across the old and narrow bridge across the sound – Storestrømsbroen. Fortunatley, they got stuck behind a very slow and huge harvester. Out of luck, other vehicles filmed them with mobile cameras and called the police, while one of the thieves  tried in vain to flee beneath the bridge.

The two men were taken into custody while the objects were recovered. So far no information have come forward about the background for the theft. Were the two young men from Copenhagen on a commission? Or were they acting on their own?


Indbrud på Danmarks Borgcenter – Press Release in Danish


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