Agincourt 600

Early on a number of distinguished institutions, foundations and companies got together and formed a committee for coordinating the commemorations in connection with the 600-anniversary of Agincourt. One result is the official commemorative publication written for the benefit of the wider public.

Agincourt 600
Triumph,Brilliance and Controversy Six Hundred Years on
The official Commemorative publication
Ed by Robert McCall and Professor Anne Curry
Published by Arthur Moore 2015

To be published soon. See


Agincourt 600 Front Cover webIntroduction by Dr. Sinclair Roberts

The Battle of Agincourt By Professor Anne Curry, Southampton University

Henry V’s Strategy in 1415 by Stepehn Cooper

On the trail of Henry V, by Peter Hoskins

Agincourt 1415 – a graphic Novel by Kevin Gill

The death of Edward, Duke of York by Michael Jones

The First Biographer of Henry V by Geoffrey Hilton

The Agincourt Campaign week by week by Dan Spencer



There is a very beautiful image in a panel of a stained glass window on the south side of St Mary’s Priory Church in Monmow,  which was part of a memorial window to those who died and to those who took part in the Boer Wars 1899-1902. It depicts the crowned king Henry V in full armour wearing an ermine-lined cope and holding the banner of England with the Monmow Bridge behind.  The bridge is the only remaining mediaeval fortified river-bridge in Great Britain with it gate tower still standing and has become the iconic image of Monmouth.  Wheatsheaves in the window’s design indicate that the glass came from the workshop of Charles Kempe




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