Nicholas Fitzherbert died in 1473. He was buried in Norbury, Devonshire

Armour of the English Knight

Tobias Capwell is both an accomplished historian and a renowned champion at European tournaments in the 21st century. In a new book he chronicles the armour worn by English knights in the 15th century

Armour of the English Knight Champion CoverArmour of the English Knight 1400-1450
by Tobias Capwell
Thomas Del Mar Ltd 2015
ISBN: 9780993324604

This detailed, lavishly illustrated book chronicles the armour worn by English men-at-arms during the later phases of the Hundred Years War, as they fought through the great victories and humiliating defeats in France that would ultimately lead them into the War of the Roses.

For the first time, many unknown or rarely published visual and documentary sources have been brought together to reveal the beautiful and intimidating accoutrements of the war-like English.  Hugh sums were paid by the chivalric elite for human exo-skeletons of hardened steel glittering with engraved and gilded decoration, the form, function and style of which was as characteristic of the English as were their feared longbowmen.

Employing rich imagery in diverse media, combined with detailed technical and decorative analysis, Armour of the English Knight creates a unique visual journey through the physical world of the late medieval armoured warrior.


Tobias Capwell is the Curator of Arms and Armour at the Wallace Collection. He is also a renowned champion of European tournaments in the 21st century




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