Battle of Muret 1213

Battle of Muret 1213

Hardly have we survived the commemorations of the battle at Navas de Tolosa, before we have to focus on the battle of Muret in 1213.

The Battle of Muret took place in September 1213 when the crusading army of Simon IV de Montfort defeated the Catharist and Catalan Forces of Peter II of Aragon and those of his brother-in-law, Count Raymond. The battle began as siege of the Castle of Muret, but ended as an open battle. Today there is nothing left of the castle and Muret is nothing but a very unattractive suburb of Toulouse cut through by A64. However in the 13th century it was located on a promontory at the River Garonne, where fed by a tributary, the Saudrune.

The leader of crusaders, Simon de Montfort, had problems recruiting new crusaders. Nevertheless, beginning of September he collected his forces in order to relive the castle of Muret, which was under siege. In this he succeeded. At the same time the Count of Toulouse had placed his army on a hill and planned to dig himself in behind palisades and wagons. The king, however, wished for a pitched battle and marched in front of his 10.000 men attacking Simon de Montfort, who succeeded in outflanking the army and kill the king.

It is believed the smaller crusader army was victorious, because the two opposing war-lords could not agree on the best strategy.

Naturally a group of interested have for some time time worked in order to create an event, commemorating the battle. The plan is to reenact the battle. Programme for the festivities will be published at a dedicated website, There is also a facebook page for The Battle of Muret 

At the same time historians are planning an academic event in order to scrutinize the battle in its context. At a conference at Muret 13-15.09.2013 focus will be on the medieval city of Muret on the eve of the battle, the military technologies and warfare in the early 13th century, the princes and warlords engaged in the Albigensian Crusade, the culture, language and art in the region plus the historical aftermath of the battle.

Read about the conference: Le temps de la battaille de Muret (12 septembre 1213)


The battles of Los Navas de Tolosa 1212 (and Muret 1213) were recently the topic of dedicated issue of Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies 2012.


A simple introduction to the Battle of Muret may be found here: La Bataille de Muret 1213




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