Fighting between Byzantines and Arabs Chronikon of Ioannis Skylitzes, end of 13th century. Source: wikipedia
Fighting between Byzantines and Arabs Chronikon of Ioannis Skylitzes, end of 13th century. Source: wikipedia

Byzantine Empire c. 500 – 1492

This book is an invaluable introduction to the history of the Byzantine Empire c. 500 – 1492

The Cambridge History of the Byzantine Empire c. 500 -1492
Ed. by by Jonathan Shepard. Second and revised edition
Cambridge University Press 2019
ISBN-10: 1107685877
ISBN-13: 978-1107685871

Byzantium lasted a thousand years, ruled to the end by self-styled ’emperors of the Romans’. It underwent kaleidoscopic territorial and structural changes, yet recovered repeatedly from disaster: even after the near-impregnable Constantinople fell in 1204, variant forms of the empire reconstituted themselves. The Cambridge History of the Byzantine Empire c. 500–1492 tells the story, tracing political and military events, religious controversies and economic change. It offers clear, authoritative chapters on the main events and periods, with more detailed chapters on outlying regions and neighbouring societies and powers of Byzantium. With aids such as maps, a glossary, an alternative place-name table and references to English translations of sources, it will be valuable as an introduction. However, it also offers stimulating new approaches and important findings, making it essential reading for postgraduates and for specialists. The revised paperback edition contains a new preface by the editor and will offer an invaluable companion to survey courses in Byzantine history.


Jonathan Shepard was a University Lecturer at the University of Cambridge. Co-author of The Emergence of Rus (1996) with Simon Franklin, with whom he also co-edited Byzantine Diplomacy (1992), some of his many articles appear in Emergent Elites and Byzantium (2011). Edited volumes include The Expansion of Orthodox Europe (2007), Byzantium and the Viking World (with Fedir Androshchuk and Monica White, 2016), Imperial Spheres and the Adriatic (with Mladen Ančić and Trpimir Vedriš, 2017), and Viking-Age Trade (with Jacek Gruszczyński and Marek Jankowiak, 2019), and forthcoming volumes include Muslims on the Volga (with Luke Treadwell) and Political Culture in Three Spheres: Byzantium, Islam and the West (with Catherine Holmes et al.).


Jonathan Shepard, Andrew Louth, Zeev Rubin, R. W. Thomson, Lawrence I. Conrad, John Moorhead, Marie-France Auzépy, Shaun Tougher, Sergey A. Ivanov, T. W. Greenwood, Walter E. Kaegi, Michael McCormick, Thomas S. Brown, Mark Whittow, G. A. Loud, Michael Angold, Paul Magdalino, Paul Stephenson, D. A. Korobeinikov, Michael Angold, David Jacoby, Alain Ducellier, Angeliki E. Laiou, Michel Balard, Anthony Bryer