Charlemagne and Switzerland

Codex Fabariensis - Stiftsarchiv St-Gallen

Charlemagne influenced a great deal in Europe. The changes and innovations brought about by him in many areas shaped the foundations of our culture. The 28th January 2014 marks the 1200th anniversary of the death of Charlemagne. On this occasion the Swiss National Museum will be devoting a large temporary exhibition to Charlemagne (741 – 814) and “Carolingian Switzerland”. The Exhibition will show what changed under Charlemagne, what effect his reforms had on education, faith and society and which innovations were made in art and architecture. Embedded in the European Context, the emphasis will be placed on Switzerland’s cultural heritage from Charlemagne’s time. The time frame will cover his reign of 771 – 814 through to the treaty of Verdun 843. Some topic areas will also take a look at the Merovingian period and the late 9th century. The exhibition is being prepared in close collaboration with the simultaneously planned book project “Die Zeit Karls des Grossen in der Schweiz” under the leadership of prof. Dr. Georges Descoudres, Dr. Jürg Goll and dr. Markus Riek.  Project manager is Christine Keller.

Charlemagne and Switzerland
20.09.2013 – 02.02.2014
National Museum Zurich



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