Regino of Prühm - Staue by peter Weiland in front of former Abbey. Source Abbey School

Early Medieval Europe 2016 Vol 24 No 2

May issue of Early Medieval Europe is packed with articles about politics and texts in Carolingian Europe

Early Medieval Europe, May 2016, Volume 24, Issue 2, Pages 131–263


Regino of Prüm – Statue by Peter Weiland in front of the former Benedictine Abbey. Source: Pruemnetz. Regino of Prüm (Latin: Regino Prumiensis, German: Regino von Prüm; died 915) He was a Benedictine churchman, who served as abbot of Prüm (892–99) and later of Saint Martin’s at Trier. His Chronicon is an important source for late Carolingian history.