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Need to know about the future of Wilder Europe? Lying at the crossroads of our medieval past and future challenges, this is where we are destined to find a more sustainable way of living. Get the news and stories about the Why, the Where, and the How…

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Rewilding is no longer a contested paradigm. Already, numerous studies show how rewilded nature has overcome the local biodiversity crisis and increased the resilience of the biosphere and the distinctive ecosystems.

We know what it takes: Vast and substantial reserves of land covering at least 5-10.000 hectares each, where natural vegetation has a chance to re-establish, free-flowing water systems are restored, and animals and predators are allowed to roam freely in dynamic and robust ecosystems. In betwixt, we need corridors, smaller and less protected nature reserves, and plots allowing people to live in this new and luscious world, providing valuable experiences to their friends and fellow citizens on how to achieve a more sustainable way of living.

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And on the way: help medieval.eu to provide inspiration for your next tour into the European Wilderness of yesteryear.

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