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The First Book of Fashion

The First Book of Fashion is a unique fashion-journal written and illustrated by a German clerk from Renaissance Augsburg. It has now been published

First Book of Fashion. The Book of Clothes of Matthaeus and Veit Konrad Schwarz of Augsburg
Ed . by Ulinka Rublack and Maria Hayward,
Bloomsbury Academic Illustrations 2015
ISBN: 9780857857682


The First Book of Fashion - CoverThis captivating book reproduces arguably the most extraordinary primary source documents in fashion history. Providing a revealing window onto the Renaissance, they chronicle how style-conscious accountant Matthäus Schwarz and his son Veit Konrad experienced life through clothes, and climbed the social ladder through fastidious management of self-image. These bourgeois dandies’ agenda resonates as powerfully today as it did in the sixteenth century: one has to dress to impress, and dress to impress they did.

The Schwarzes recorded their sartorial triumphs as well as failures in life in a series of portraits by illuminists over 60 years, which have been comprehensively reproduced in full color for the first time. These exquisite illustrations are accompanied by the Schwarzes’ fashion-focussed yet at times deeply personal captions, which render the pair the world’s first fashion bloggers and pioneers of everyday portraiture.

The First Book of Fashion demonstrates how dress – seemingly both ephemeral and trivial – is a potent tool in the right hands. Beyond this, it colorfully recaptures the experience of Renaissance life and reveals the importance of clothing to the aesthetics and every day culture of the period.

Historians Ulinka Rublack’s and Maria Hayward’s insightful commentaries create an unparalleled portrait of sixteenth-century dress that is both strikingly modern and thorough in its description of a true Renaissance fashionista’s wardrobe. This first English translation also includes a bespoke pattern by TONY award-winning costume designer and dress historian Jenny Tiramani, from which readers can recreate one of Schwarz’s most elaborate and politically significant outfits.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface by Jochen Luckhardt
  • Introduction I: The First Book of Fashion
    Ulinka Rublack
  • Introduction II: The Clothing of Matthäus and Veit Schwarz by Maria Hayward
  • Editorial Notes
  • The Book of Clothes with Commentaries
  • Reconstructing a Schwarz Outfit by Jenny Tiramani
  • German Transcriptions


Rublack Dressing Up CoverDressing Up. Cultural identity in Renaissance Europe.
By Ulinka Rublack.
Oxford University Press 2010







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