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Viking 2013

Viking – The National Museum of Denmark Special Exihibition 2013 – English Catalogue

Viking 2013
By Peter Pentz, Gareth Williams, Matthias Wemhoff (ed)
The National Museum of Denmark and the British Museum 2013
ISBN: 9788776022006

Catalogue covering this year’s massive Viking exhibition. The book spans 288 impressive pages, containing vivid colour photo and exciting information about the Viking age. The exhibition’s focal point is the 37 meter Viking ship, Ægir, and the Vikings as travelers, warriors, politicians and merchants. Beside the ship, the exhibition contains several objects and some recent archaeological finds, which have never been shown to the public before. The catalogue is very well written and presents a fresh and new scientifically grounded vision of what the Vikings were all about. Highly recommended!

The catalogue is a perfect supplement to the exhibition, which is open from June 22. – November 17. 2013 at The National Museum in Copenhagen. The exhibition then moves onto London and Berlin.

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More good reads about the Vikings and lots of other merchandise may be found in the Museum Shop at the National Museum in Copenhagen




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