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Fecamp remains of Norman Castle Source - Fécamp Tourisme

Early Medieval Europe

The politics of being Norman, Byzantine and Visigothic Alicante, Bede as a computist, Anglo-Saxon and Viking battlefield in 1006. All in the new issue of Early Medieval Europe August 2015

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Huns elongated skulls from Europeana

Migration in the First Millennium

Migration is the theme of the latest issue of the journal: Networks and Neighbours. It opens with a seminal article by Peter Heather on the controversial question of the character of the large-scale migration in the 4th and 5th centuries.

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Dumbarton rock across Clyde Source: wikipedia/Dave souza

The Heroic Age

Early Medieval landscapes, Anglo-Saxon ideas of Paradise and Alcuin on the virtues and vices are only some of the fine articles in the recent issue of the journal of Early Medieval Northwestern Europe called The Heroic Age

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Illuminator of the Chronicle of Bayâd and Riyâd

Medieval Worlds

New Journal - Medieval Worlds - aims to be the hub for Medievalists, Social Anthropologists, Scholars of Islam and of Asian Culture, stimulating comparative research

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John William Waterhouses' The Lady of Shalott 1888 wikimedia commons - web

CfP for The Year’s Work in Medievalism Vol 30

CfP for The Year’s Work in Medievalism 2015, Vol 30

The editors of The Year’s Work in Medievalism, a refereed journal published under the auspices of the International Society for the Study of Medievalism invites essays to be submitted for consideration for publication in its volume 30 (2015). Participants at the 29th International Conference (Georgia Tech) and SiM sections at Kalamazoo 2015 are especially encouraged to consider sending revised versions of their conference presentations.

However, equal considerations to all other (independent) papers will be given. Please send inquiries and finished papers to E. L. Risden (edward.risden@snc.edu), and see the website – http://www.medievalism.net for additional information about the journal and its focus and requirements. Please distribute this invitation widely among colleagues. For full consideration, please submit your essay by August 10, 2015.


The International Society for the Study of Medievalism is an academic organization that intends to promote the interdisciplinary study of the popular and scholarly reception of the Middle Ages in postmedieval times. It is based on the work and studies of Leslie J. Workman (1927-2001), who is universally recognized as the founder of the academic study of medievalism in the English-speaking world. Officers and members of the organization currently maintain a peer-reviewed journal, Studies in Medievalism, an annual publishing conference proceedings and shorter essays (The Year’s Work in Medievalism), and a review journal, Medievally Speaking. They also organize annual onference sessions at the International Conference on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University and the International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds, and have held their own annual International Congress on Medievalism at institutions of higher education world-wide.