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Lateran Council 1215

New Issue of Speculum 2018

Recent issues of Speculum shows that literature departments currently have the upper hand regarding the content of this journal. Out of 18 articles published this year, only two falls into the categery, history proper.

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Melhus relikvieskrin. Source: flickr

New Issue of Medieval Archaeology August 2018

Last year the Society for Medieval Archaeology decided to publish two issues per year of the journal Medieval Archaeology. The issue from June 2018 cover a wide variety of themes and subjects offering a handful of new and inspiring articles as well as a series of book reviews

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From the Novellae of Pope Innocent IV and Decretales of Pope Gregory IX cum glossis collection, MS-1 Syracuse University. f.79r, Pope hearing a petition

The papacy and communication in the central Middle Ages

After the devastating events in the 11th century following the investiture controversy, the papacy regained its position of power. New special issue of “Journal of Medieval History” presents a series of essays focusing on the communication strategies of the popes in the central Middle Ages (1100 – 1300).

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Medieval Landscape around Pienza

Post-Classical Archaeologies

Post-Classical Archaeologies (PCA) is a lively and well-edited scientific journal publishing articles focusing on hard-core archaeological, and yet interdisciplinary explorations of Medieval society

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