The Medieval Garden

The traditional Festival Voix in Alsace invites us all to a remarkable series of medieval concerts in Romanesque churches with the medieval garden as its thematic center

We may no longer believe that Paradise can be found on this earth. However, coming August it is decidedly possible to get a closer look and maybe even a better sense of the place, when the traditional Festival Voix invites you to a remarkable series of concerts along the Route Romane in Alsace.

The programme presented this year, which focuses on the “garden” in all its manifestations, may perhaps seem somewhat eclectic. However, for anyone seriously interested in medieval music, the possibility here is to listen to a series of artists dedicated to performances based on research while at the same time reaching for a high artistic quality. Thus the traditional Festival Voix presents us all with a unique possibility of listening to a magnificent bouquet of genres, instruments and sounds – simply a crash-course in medieval music!

Performers are


Romanesque Alsace

At the same time it invites us all to visit a series of Romanesque churches and sights on the way as the concerts are given in some of the prime locations on the “Route Romane en Alsace”.

Maybe Alsace was never the hotbed for Romanesque art and architecture. But it is well worth to follow the cultural route through this corner of Europe beginning with the octagonal church at Ottmarsheim built in 1030 and consecrated by Pope Leo IX in 1049 and ending in Rosheim in the church of Sankt Peter und Paul with its mixture of Romanesque and Gothic elements and an organ stemming from 1626.

Both these churches hosts concerts this summer, but the catalogue include more than 120 sites. Of these 21 have been picked out as essentials. Here at plaques and presentations visitors will be able to find information about the minor sites located in the vicinity of the major site. Another option is to get the printed guide, which is available in both French, German and English.


Voix Romane
30.08.2013 – 15.08.2013

Clickable Map of the Route



Booklet with route

Book with introduction in French, German and English

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