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NEW RESEARCH: Early Music – the leading scholarly journal from Oxford – celebrates its 40th birthday. The anniversary issue is free for all

Oxford University Press has published “Early Music” for 40 years. With four issues a year the journal is a veritable “must-read” for anyone with even the slightest interest in Early Music and what goes on in the constant endeavours to both grasp and perform the sounds and sights of the Middle Ages. Dedicated to a continuous effort to reinterpret and re-engage with the many sources  – manuscript, printed and iconographical – the magazine is always a joy to read. Every year more than 700 pages are published containing scholarly articles as well as lesser observations, notes about performing matters as well as book reviews, reports and obituaries – a continuous feast! Even though “Early Music” covers much more than our medieval legacy, every issue presents us with a gem.

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The anniversary issue is no exception. Of course a series of articles revisit the unfolding story of Early Music as both a scholarly enterprise and an engaging adventure, which students, performers and music lovers were invited to take part in by the founding fathers and mothers. This is for instance witnessed by articles by Margaret Bent, Iain Fenlon, Francis Knights and Trevor Pinnock and many others.

The prize, however, goes to Elizabeth Eva Leach who is professor of Music at the University of Oxford and has written extensively on late medieval music, poetry and performance. What more, she is an avid blogger and has made a lot of her work freely available at her blog and publication page: Eelach . Her celebratory article is called Early Music and Web 2.0 and is a very valuable overview over blogs and twitters worth following in order to keep abreast of what is happening. But worth reading are also the entry by Stephen Rose on The digital future as well as reviews of some of the new books and recordings well worth visiting.

Early Music Volume 2013, Vol 41, No 1

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