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Richard III

A facial reconstruction of King Richard III

Meet the Man

In a grave at the entrance to the choir in the floor of the former Greyfriars in Leicester, exactly where it was expected, archaeologist exhumed a body of a slender man of normal height with an articulated scoliosis. Later DNA analysis has without doubt confirmed that the skeleton found at Greyfriars in August 2012 was indeed that of Richard III…

Richard III - earliest portrait

Man and Myth

The discovery of the remains of Richard III might potentially change history. Or at least our understanding of the defamation which was spread after his death…

Scoliosis of Richard III

The Scoliosis

Richard III had an idiopathic scoliosis with a curvature of at least 600. Such a curvature may or may not have infringed upon his physical capabilities…

Dolly the Sheep

Richard III’s Genome

The University of Leicester is moving ahead in order to sequence Richard III’s genome. Will somebody also clone him in the future?…

Letter of Richard III -cropped

Richard Speaking

Curious about how Richard III may have sounded ? We are fortunate to have some of his original letters and thus a little bit of evidence of his pronunciation…

Reconstruction of Richard III

The Face of Richard III

What did Richard III look like? Was he a happy man? Did he really have a smiling, mischievous countenance as a recent facial reconstruction tries to tell us?

A medieval pie

A Royal Diet

Richard III ate a very protein-rich diet and lots of seafood. But he also suffered from roundworm…

Lambeth Palace Library © LAM 141125

Book of Hours

Rumour has it this Book of Hours of Richard III accompanied him to Bosworth…

Medieval Musicians

Richard III’s Music

A group of historical music performers presented a musical biography of Richard III’s life at a concert on Friday 11.01.2013 at the Fraser Noble Hall at the University of Leicester…

The Bosworth Boar

Bosworth Boar

In 2009 metal detectors discovered a silver gilt boar – the Bosworth Boar – lying at a spot next to a marsh, which had previously been identified as the probable spot…


The Blue Boar

The Blue Boar in Leicester – where Richard III is believed to have spent his last night before Bosworth – has been recreated…

Middleham Castle

Middleham Castle

Once called the Windsor of the North, Middleham Castle was home to Richard III…