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The Final Reinterment of the Remains of Richard III

Service of Reinterment of the Remains of King Richard III

Reinterment of Richard III

Early on Leicester Cathedral appointed a Liturgy Committee to come up with a plan for the reinterment of Richard III. The result has now been revealed…

The procession of Richard iii through Bosworth

Richard III in undignified pantomime?

Pageant, feast, show? Judging from the media’s comments on the on-going reburial of Richard III, it seems appropriate the Queen has kept her distance to what has obviously turned into a somewhat gaudy event…

Ushaw Vestment from the time of Richard III

Vestment From the Time of Richard III

A priceless vestment believed to be from the royal wardrobe of King Richard III will be worn by Cardinal Vincent Nichols when he celebrates Requiem Mass for the soul of the 15th century monarch…


The Music at the Re-interment of Richard III

Medieval and modern music will be mixed at the Reinterment Service of Richard III on Thursday, the 25th 2015…



Future tomb of Richard III

Richard III Richard III stays in Leicester

The verdict is out: The remains of Richard III will be reinterred in the Cathedral of Leicester. In a somewhat emotive postscript the judges express their general distaste of the proceedings, they have been called upon to take part in:

“Since Richard III’s exhumation on the 5th September 2012, passions have been roused and much ink has been spilt. Issues relating to his life and death have been exhaustively examined and debated. The very Reverend David Monteith, The Dean of Leicester Cathedral, has explained the considerable efforts and expenditure invested by the Cathedral in order to create a lasting burial place “as benefits and anointed King”. We agree that it is time for Richard III to be given a dignified reburial and finally laid to rest.”

Have you forgotten what the row was all about? Follow the links below…

Richard III Portrait

Searching for Richard III

British archaeologists hope to find the lost remains of King Richard III by digging up a car park believed to be his burial site…

Philippa Langley in the Car park

Sworn to Secrecy

Yesterday the archaeologists uncovered human bones at the Leicester car park, where the hunt for the grave of Richard III has been going on for a couple of weeks…

Richard III's skeleton © University of leicester

Richard III Found?

In a grave at the entrance to the choir in the floor of the former Greyfriars in Leicester, exactly where it was expected, archaeologist have exhumed a body of a slender man of normal height with an articulated scoliosis…

memorial plaque for Richard III

Richard III?

In ten days the on-going search for King Richard III will end. At a press conference in Leicester on 04.02.2013 the first results of the scientific investigations of the skeleton found at Grey Friars will be presented…

The Skull of Richard III - Leicester University ©

Richard III – Indeed!

DNA analysis has without doubt confirmed that the skeleton found at Greyfriars in August 2012 is indeed that of Richard III…

Richard III - earliest portrait

Man and Myth

The discovery of the remains of Richard III might potentially change history. Or at least our understanding of the defamation which was spread after his death…

Cover -Richard III. The King under the Car Park. Leicester University 2013

The King under the Car Park

NEW BOOK: Well-presented and sober pamphlet tells the story of how the King under the Car Park was discovered and identified as Richard III…

Where to Rebury him? And should there be a Catholic Service?

Richard III window from York

The Row: Where to reinter Richard III? And How?

If indeed the skeleton recently found in Leicester is confirmed to be that of Richard III, the question naturally crops up: Where shall he be reburied? And not least: How…

Cathedral in York

The Row: York or Leicester?

Richard III Foundation – not to be mixed up with The Richard III Society – has issued an official statement  – entitled: Time for King Richard III to “come home to York”…

Old Richard III memorial in leicester Cathedral

The Row: Leicester Cathedral

Leicester, where the king was taken after he was slain at Bosworth? Or York Minster, where it is presumed he planned to be buried together with his wife and their only son? Two rival societies are fighting over what may be the bones of Richard III…

Future Tomb of Richard III in Leicester

Revamp of Leicester Cathedral

Plans are going ahead to reinter the remains of Richard III beneath a raised tomb within a specially created area in the Cathedral. All-in-all Leicester Cathedral is planning to spend around £1 million on the reburial, which includes alterations to the building, preparations for the event and the ceremony itself…

The Plantagenet Alliance

Whither these Bones?

A high court judge has given permission for descendants of Richard III’s relatives to challenge plans to reinter the king’s remains in Leicester rather than York…

Future Tomb of Richard III - chapel

The future tomb of Richard III?

Shadowed by legal wrangling, the Cathedral of Leicester is moving forward with their plans for the future re-interment of Richard III. Last week the design for the future tomb was unveiled…